QAToolKit part 2 – Swagger library

Welcome to part 2 of the QAToolKit series, where I focus on the QAToolKit Swagger library. QA Toolkit is a collection of libraries, tools, and scripts for running automated jobs for assuring smooth development, general and QA testing, and running fitness functions for your applications. Now let’s focus on the Swagger library. If you are…

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QA Toolkit part 1

This is exciting! I’ve been brewing the idea about this for almost a year now, and it’s finally come to the realization. I developed and used many tools and scripts over the years, but I never compiled them in the packages that I could share with you. Finally, after a month of refactoring and preparing…

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Modify YML files with PowerShell

In this short post, I’ll share a simple script to modify the YML files. You can also use the script in the CI/CD pipelines, an example for Azure DevOps is below. To read the YML file we will use powershell-yaml module, which you can install and active like this: Install-Module -Name powershell-yaml Import-Module powershell-yaml 12…

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On automation

We’ve been doing it “forever”. As a developer, I was always fascinated with writing scripts and tools that made my tasks less mundane and error-prone. And running them is a joy… 1, 2, 3, and BAMMM!!!. 🙂 For any number of reasons, instead of writing a script, we do repeating “keystrokes and clicks”, which is…

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Advanced load testing with Websurge

Load testing your web applications and services is an essential part of modern web development. There are many tools that can help you with that, for example Azure DevOps or Apache JMeter. I am about to show you another tool, that you can run from your Windows PC. The tool is calledWebsurge and it’s build…

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Validate Azure ARM templates with PowerShell

If you are writing and using ARM templates as as a base of your infrastructure as code (IaC) principle, then the next few lines might be interesting to you. If you are new to IaC read this or if you are new to ARM templates read here. We are using ARM templates with Azure DevOps…

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Add release annotations to Application Insights from Azure DevOps

When we are releasing software to different environments through our release pipelines, we usually want to mark that in our monitoring system. Normally that is a time-stamp or annotation and can help us diagnosing performance issues if they arise. We extensively use Application Insights for monitoring and logging system and Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) for…

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Setup email alerts from Azure log service

We all do some sort of logging on our servers, may be log files, database, Application Insights, etc. But that won’t do us much good, if there are no active measures set against them. I am talking about automatic alerts, which will allow us to react quickly in case of performance issues or failures. That’s…

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