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.NET & DevOps Engineer | Cloud Specialist | Team Enabler

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My name is Miha and I’ve been tinkering with computers for some time now. I remember getting Pentium 100 in the late ’90s and that’s how it all started.

When I learned about Delphi and how you can make your own Windows applications, I enthusiastically became engaged with the world of computer programming.

In early 2000s, I progressed from Delphi to Microsoft .NET framework 1.1 and 2.0. This excellent framework remains to this day the essential tool of my trade.

In 2010, after mastering the static HTML/CSS development, I ventured into dynamic web development with Ruby on Rails framework.

At the start of 2016 I started my own company. At MJC, I specialize in .NET development, especially of Web APIs, Web services and Windows services. In total, I have 12+ years of experience in software development, ranging from small to medium sized projects.

Thank you for stopping by! Please check out my portfolio and blog or contact me through LinkedIn :).

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