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.NET IConfiguration pipeline viewer

When developing .NET Web APIs, we almost always need to load some configuration to function properly. This can be database connection strings, email configuration, Azure blob storage configuration, etc. That configuration can come from JSON files, Environment variables, secrets.json file, Azure Keyvault, and many other providers. We can also write our own configuration provider that…

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Get user certificate from Active Directory

Recently I was working with Exchange Web Services or EWS. It’s a neat way to communicate with Exchange Server and manage it’s data, emails in particular. You can do a lot with it, but my┬átask was to encrypt email messages by pooling a recipient certificate from Active Directory, save it to Exchange server and send…

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How to start with C# Async and Await

Async and Await are not new to C# language, but are new to me. I discovered them recently when I was on a conference, where Damir Arh was talking about “Best Practices for Using async and await“. In his presentation, he pointed out basics and common mistakes a developer can make while writing asynchronous code.…

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