Monthly Archives : February 2019

Add release annotations to Application Insights from Azure DevOps

When we are releasing software to different environments through our release pipelines, we usually want to mark that in our monitoring system. Normally that is a time-stamp or annotation and can help us diagnosing performance issues if they arise. We extensively use Application Insights for monitoring and logging system and Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) for…

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Climb to Passo dello Stelvio – Virtually :)

As a tech head and a recreational cyclist I was thrilled when looking at the latest developments in the bike smart trainer world. The idea to connect bike trainer with PC and run a game like Zwift or Road grand tours beta is very appealing :). But I never owned a smart trainer until now. I…

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Setup email alerts from Azure log service

We all do some sort of logging on our servers, may be log files, database, Application Insights, etc. But that won’t do us much good, if there are no active measures set against them. I am talking about automatic alerts, which will allow us to react quickly in case of performance issues or failures. That’s…

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