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    .NET IConfiguration pipeline viewer

    When developing .NET Web APIs, we almost always need to load some configuration to function properly. This can be database connection strings, email configuration, Azure blob storage configuration, etc. That configuration can come from JSON files, Environment variables, secrets.json file,…

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    Modify YML files with PowerShell

    In this short post, I’ll share a simple script to modify the YML files. You can also use the script in the CI/CD pipelines, an example for Azure DevOps is below. To read the YML file we will use powershell-yaml…

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    On automation

    We’ve been doing it “forever”. As a developer, I was always fascinated with writing scripts and tools that made my tasks less mundane and error-prone. And running them is a joy… 1, 2, 3, and BAMMM!!!. 🙂 For any number…

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