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.NET IConfiguration pipeline viewer

When developing .NET Web APIs, we almost always need to load some configuration to function properly. This can be database connection strings, email configuration, Azure blob storage configuration, etc. That configuration can come from JSON files, Environment variables, secrets.json file, Azure Keyvault, and many other providers. We can also write our own configuration provider that…

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QAToolKit part 2 – Swagger library

Welcome to part 2 of the QAToolKit series, where I focus on the QAToolKit Swagger library. QA Toolkit is a collection of libraries, tools, and scripts for running automated jobs for assuring smooth development, general and QA testing, and running fitness functions for your applications. Now let’s focus on the Swagger library. If you are…

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QA Toolkit part 1

This is exciting! I’ve been brewing the idea about this for almost a year now, and it’s finally come to the realization. I developed and used many tools and scripts over the years, but I never compiled them in the packages that I could share with you. Finally, after a month of refactoring and preparing…

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On automation

We’ve been doing it “forever”. As a developer, I was always fascinated with writing scripts and tools that made my tasks less mundane and error-prone. And running them is a joy… 1, 2, 3, and BAMMM!!!. 🙂 For any number of reasons, instead of writing a script, we do repeating “keystrokes and clicks”, which is…

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