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    Generate UML sequence diagrams with Javascript

    Sequence diagram is a very useful tool for representing a sequence of interactions between objects, modules or processes. I am using it mostly to represent HTTP interactions between REST APIs or Web Services. It’s very easy to understand within your team and with your stakeholders. There are many good books about Unified modeling language UML, but you can start your UML journey here.

    Sequence diagrams, can be hard to maintain and change, that’s why there are many tools that can help you with that. I am particularly fond of simple generator library based on JavaScript called js-sequence-diagrams. It will turn your text into nice UML sequence diagrams, like this one below.

    A screen shot from author's documentation page.
    Figure 1: A screen shot from author’s documentation page.

    The syntax is simple and you can be generating sequence diagrams in no time! Check out the documentation page for more information and try it out.


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