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    Working remotely as a Freelancer

    Last September I decided to go back! To go back to the island, which left a big mark in my life, it’s a great inspiration and has a positive influence on me. From meditation when climbing with bike to the Teide at 180bmp, to some quiet “siesta” time to reflect on the past and look to the future. I love it! Of course there was something missing…I wanted to find some work there.

    A view from a road in Anaga, Tenerife in feb. 2017, (c) Miha Jakovac

    A view from a road in Anaga, Tenerife in feb. 2017, (c) Miha Jakovac

    I am a software developer, more specifically I call myself back-end developer. My tools of the trade are Microsoft .NET and Ruby on Rails. I like to work with databases, code functional software, building prototypes, but my main goal is to start and end projects with the best solution for the customer.

    Of course, I can work remotely as long as I have an access to the internet and electricity :)…and food! On my journeys I am always looking for new friends and business opportunities. Before coming to Tenerife, I looked online and found few people on Linkedin and Meetups website. So I came prepared and last night I attended the Meetup in the capital city Santa Cruz De Tenerife. There were some interesting people, from “digital nomads” to adventurers and alike.

    The main event was a really nice presentation from Javier De Coca about the Africa in 2017 and it’s myths and realities. After the presentation we had a beer and chat in the lounge. I meet some really nice people from all over the world, seeking their place under the sun :). One of the guys pointed me to website, where one can find projects as a freelancer, so I immediately joined and started my journey there. I also got numerous life stories from people, how they think about life and “things” around them. If you really open your mind you can learn a lot form everybody you meet! I adopted the “open mind skill” and it really pays off on every level of my life :).

    Now it’s time for some ACTION!

    About Miha
    I've always been fascinated by computers. I am happy that I can work in this creative field of software development, where I can solve problems. I am also an avid cyclist :) and I love to learn...a lot!
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